Feel the summer breeze with Pop at Summer !

Everyone can relate to the feeling of waiting a vibes called ‘Summer’. About bathing in the sunshine, swimming in the sea, or sippin' tropical drinks by the beach. "Summer is coming" depict the moment when our heart gets warmer, the music gets louder, and the nights get longer. Let’s count the hours, and prepare your heart to steal the summer charm! This single will be promoted both locally and worldwide by Glossarie Records through a campaign in all across platform social me

A nice come back from Troü !

Troü, an alternative/indierock band from Bandung, Indonesia, celebrating their come back with a new single release called "Home". Inspired by the deep feelings of a person who has left home for a long time. 'Home' also tells of a feeling of homesickness or the figures there who always keep warm and comfortable. Metaphors are not only about place, but more on the feelings that often arise when feeling comfortable. Feel free to listen on your favorite music platform! GS-05 Tro

Pop at Summer New Single Release "Kiss Berry"

Pop at Summer, an indiepop band from Bandung, Indonesia release their newest single called "Kiss Berry". This song inspired by the story of a young love with a sense of so-called sweetness puppy-love. Feel free to search on your favorite music platform ! GS-03 Pop at Summer - "Kiss Berry" Glossarie Records, 2020. "I know this band for a long time ago, I have been there as a member for several years (I left officially in 2019). So at least I know how Smith (Pop at Summer's fr