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A Fresh Comeback From Pop at Summer!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Brand new pop with Swedish and Indiepop influenced. Formed in Bandung, Indonesia. Formerly consist Anne Inggriani (Vocal), Wita Aditya (Keyboard), Roni Tresnawan (Lead Guitar), Rikip Bagja (Guitar), Baruna Tyaswara (Bass) and Irvan Nugraha Martpresia (Drums). Finally after a very long sleep, they're back with new member Givani Maghfirah Putri (Vocal), Roni Tresnawan (Lead Guitar) and Muhammad Rifky Adam Rahman (Bass). Their sounds is comprising indie sound scape many influenced by Swedish Pop and Indiepop scene with a simple acoustic feel and touch from a catchy clean guitar blended with a smooth sound of flute or piano makes a quite memorable music, a simple Pop! Yes, they're bring you to a whole new Pop style!

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