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Pop at Summer New Single Release "Kiss Berry"

Pop at Summer, an indiepop band from Bandung, Indonesia release their newest single called "Kiss Berry". This song inspired by the story of a young love with a sense of so-called sweetness puppy-love. Feel free to search on your favorite music platform ! GS-03 Pop at Summer - "Kiss Berry" Glossarie Records, 2020.

"I know this band for a long time ago, I have been there as a member for several years (I left officially in 2019). So at least I know how Smith (Pop at Summer's front man & Lead Guitar) build Pop at Summer and maintain the band's sustainability. Which he succeed to make it happened. Now with Avi (Vocals) & Rifky (Bass) join the band, it clearly refresh everything in a nicest way. "Kiss Berry" is Pop at Summer's old project, we produced in 2010, so when they release this single this year, it excites me. It's really bring the old time memories. Even it's re-produce and the lyrics is change a little bit, it's not reduce the warmth of the song. It's definitely worth to wait." - Witta Aditya, founder of Glossarie Records.

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